Ramona Theatre  



Ramona Beard Ayers, for whom

the Ramona Theatre was named.

It was owned by her Father, J.B. Beard.

According to statistics listed on Frederick, Oklahoma web sites, Architect George Kadane designed the beautiful Ramona Theatre. The plush auditorium was atmospheric with electronic twinkling stars and brenograph rolling clouds illuminating a midnight blue plaster sky.

The Ramona Theatre built in 1929, is an excellent example of the Spanish Colonial Style that was popular in the Southwest and Florida during the 1920's. The ornamentation of the facade, and the interior of the theatre are typical of the details that were combined from the Medierranean World to create a building reminiscent of a Spanish back-ground. This style was popular from 1915-1940, with most of the building being built in the 1920's. The architect for the Ramona, George Kadane, maintained his office in the Theatre's second floor.

The Ramona has recently been outfitted with new lighting system and upgrades to the building.




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